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Dear Beloved Members of the World Spiritual Family ~ It is our pleasure to present the illuminating talk on Global Divine Consciousness, given by Dr. Linda at the International New Thought Alliance in Norfolk Virginia, at which conference Dr. Linda was a keynote speaker. Dr. Linda speaks of the "Ark of the Covenant" and the "Golden Chalice of Peace" , the eternal covenant between God and humankind, offering profound keys to raising yourself to greater levels than ever before.  Especially during this time of apparent upheaval that can lead and is meant to lead to profound and lustrous changes for the better conditions of our world, her words and offerings of Divine resolutions, resonate most poignantly.  Discover the Divine Power of "Two or more in my name!"  Discover the All Encompassing Power of Divine Love! You may access by pressing the following link:

 Global Norfolk

Below, Dr. Linda presents an inspirational talk on "The Return of the Cosmic Christ ~ 

Celebrating the Profound Spiritual Significance of the Divine !

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Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff


{An Association of Global Centers for World Peace & Enlightenment}


"Dedicated to the Spiritual Advancement and Enlightenment of Every Individual Seeking The Truth..."



“I Abide with Thee unto Eternity.”



          The greatest Master that ever was shone the pattern and potential, for our Civilization of Light ~ over 2,000 years ago.  Our eternal friend came to awaken, remind and show the way.  There is no gratitude great enough to express thanks to him ~ sent of Father/Mother/God ~ lest we forget our Divine origins.  And even beyond this ~ is to commit ourselves to developing this pattern in ourselves. 

           Perhaps, Beloved Jesus showed us only an inkling of what we ourselves may do and accomplish…and the many mansions that lay before us ~ the First step, as it were.  All is changed in the twinkling of an eye, when the awesome Truth of the glory of First Cause in us, raises us above the notion of original sin, and we forgive ourselves and negative collective patterning, forever.

         We go forward as the Christ-race, practicing the Principles and Presence of everlasting glory, right where we are.  We are the sons and daughters of the Most High ~ nor sin nor error can be known to us, anymore ~ only First Cause Sublime.    






And Right Now I Declare

I Am One with that Risen Consciousness Sublime…

That Knows Only The Perfect Truth ~

I And The Father Are One!  

I Give Thanks To the Beautiful Example Jesus ~

Who Went Before Me...To MANIFEST AND to Show ME…

TO Remind Me Who I Am.  

I Give Thanks that the Splendor of The Cosmic Christ Pattern

is Now Set Free!  

That which was Initiated AND Instated from The Beginning...

Now Resounds in Every Being!  

I GIve Thanks!  There is No Original Sin ~

Yet Only Original Cause Divine!

And I Marvel as I Behold the Overwhelmingly

Magnificent Light of God before Me.  

As the Glorious Pattern of Being Streams

before My Conscious Awareness Now...

With its Perfect Imprints AND Eloquences UNFOLDING ~ I Am  Awed!

In the Perfect Light of Knowing Now ~

I See the Luminous Truth Of I Am The Resurrection AND The Life

AND The Ascension into Ever-Lasting Bliss…

For Each AND Every Being!  

Oh! Light of My Life ~ I Thank Thee!

Thou Art Ever-Love, Eternal AND True!

Light of My LIFE I Praise Thy Plan for Eternal Life

AND For The Emancipation AND Raising of All!


Even Now, As I Meditate…

upon the Astonishing Wonders of Perfected Life ~

My World is Transformed AND Transfigured before Me.

The Hand of God Passes Over The Face of All!

I Am Born Anew in Knowing Who I Am in God!


Thank You Beautiful Jesus ~ My Beloved Friend...

For Showing Me The Way!

I Follow in Thy Footsteps of Glory ~

Even Unto the Lengths of Eternity…

I Abide with Thee In the Sweetest Peace AND Knowing!






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