Dear Participant in the Global Divine Prosperity Program:

The way to break up fear and congestion is to begin consistent tithing practices, as soon as you can. Tithing comes under the Universal Law of Circulation and is an agent of mighty multiplication. Remember money is spiritual energy in form ~ on our plane, as important as the air we breathe.  When we tithe, it generates energy, and opens up greater avenues of giving and receiving  on every plane of existence, aligning us in harmony with the greater invincible circle and currents of all of being.

One tithes not to please anyone, yet to build strength and to establish right rhythms and patterns of Highest Divine Nature. Tithing also raises one above the pushes and pulls of material concerns, and supersedes the detrimental force and hypnotic hold of negative race mind thinking. Tithing is a profound conscious and sacred act of love and gratitude ~ uniting us with the Supreme Divine power of wholeness and completeness in all.  Holding on, playing it safe or waiting "until your ship comes in" only causes congestion, delay and separation, whereas, rhythmic tithing loosens the chains that bind. And as we all know, nothing is ours alone, yet all good of the Kingdom is ours to enjoy, to share, to implement and to infinitely multiply through the Laws of Right Action.

Bless that you already have income sufficient to cover your basic commitments, and in this you are already very far ahead ~ for this program concentrates on developing even greater levels of Unexpected income and increase.

Be glad to boldly give and to participate in the Greater Laws of Wealth. Rejoice that you are the joyous beneficiary of Higher Law. As you give, unconditionally, so you receive and then some; and at the same time, you rid yourself of fear habits that only cause restriction to the infinite flow of Divine opulence, through you, and which never prospered anyone. When in doubt, take the courageous action, for only this opens the door.

Tithe happily, daringly and freely with a blessing ~ knowing it breaks up all known and unknown barriers to your good and returns unto you in marvelous ways ~ 30, 60, 100 times more. Be glad we have been given such a marvelous and easy way to rise above the heavy bondage of lack and limitation. As meditation is a Divine gift and way to always contact God ~ within; so tithing energizes and insures the limitless graces of God without.

Choose a pattern that is comfortable for you ~ whether once a week, every two weeks or once a month, according to your guidance. Consistency with harmonic frequency is the most important feature of building a strong spiritual force and developing constructive Divine habits.

Infinite Blessings of perfect circulation surround each and every participant now.

Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff



Dear Participants in the Global Divine Prosperity Millennium Program:

Thank you for all your support and graciousness in letting as many people as possible, know about our Web Site.  We want our Highest Consciousness Lessons, Meditations & Treatments to  help as many who need and to produce the greatest success for ourselves and for our world, than has ever been before.

In terms of timing of sign-ups ~ there is no limit; and we expect people will be coming in all year long. Latecomers to any cycle will be supplied with any and all information, exercises or treatments they may have missed or need. So we keep the "iron hot" and the laser beam of Divine intention focused on as much emancipation as possible, as we move to that sublime point ~ both individually and collectively.

For your convenience , I suggest to simply Email the announcement letter, included below in the Instructions Section of our Program, or simply send our website link that goes directly to the Prosperity Program Description page:




 ~ to those individuals or organizations whom you feel might benefit. Then simply release with a blessing and know their guidance will lead them from there. Ask to be guided to know of those desirous of benefiting from this program ~ those whom God {the omniscient One in you} knows are truly thirsting for this timeless spiritual knowledge and support.

Balance is the key in all, and most important to maintaining your well being. Keep definite daily times of introspection and quiet ~ to do your own deep daily contemplation and absorption of the materials provided. With regard to your own progress, avoid unnecessary chatter ~ Re: your own revelations, unless it is with those of Highest Consciousness, conviction and caring for you. When demonstrations have manifested ~ that is the Holy time to share of your good {what you have learned} with as many people as have "ears to hear", and so that you may have more! Together, we form the living "Ark of the Covenant" ~ a mighty spiritual force of unity.

*If you are a leader or a teacher, wanting to establish a group of  your  own (using the 12 Lessons of the "Unexpected Income Program")~ please advise me of your interest, and I will advise how to proceed.

Limitless Light & Love

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff                                              




Dear Leaders, Teachers and Individual Participants in the Global Prosperity Millennium Program}:

The following information is a sample introductory letter for sharing with friends around the world, along with instructions for those desirous of acceleration and empowerment through group meetings, and for couples and friends to achieve highest magnitude of attainment together.



Dear Friend of the World Spiritual Family:

New Thought International  is continuing to provide the "Global Divine Consciousness" and  Global Divine Prosperity "Unexpected Income" Worldwide Internet Charitable Programs~ making available a whole year's worth of deeply* transformational lessons, exercises and Spiritual Mind Treatment /meditations for raising awareness {the mental, emotional, and therefore, the physical body of humankind} into supreme Divine Abundance Consciousness.

This holy project is for absolutely everyone on our planet.  Please post the materials and advise or E-mail to anyone or any group you feel might benefit, whether in the USA, OR A PART OF THE GREATER INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY. WE WELCOME ALL ORGANIZATIONS ~ serving the spiritual well being of the world.

The more people synchronized in this sacred transformational consciousness program, the more Light we introduce into the world. It does not matter how seemingly poor or rich people or countries might be; for there is only One, and everyone needs this healing, now.

The following information describes the Project ~ the  Global  Divine Prosperity "Unexpected Income" Program {key ideas for consciousness raising monthly Lessons and Treatment/Meditations} ~ covering the 12 steps of perfect emancipation and evolution into complete Divine Abundance Awareness

The first month's exercise and Treatment for meditation is included below. Each month's treatment and consciousness raising exercises are to be read and contemplated everyday throughout every day of the particular month.  Sign ups, after the official start date of any cycle shall be provided with any and all information, exercises or treatments missed, and can easily catch up by doing two or more lessons per month, until synchronized.  

We welcome all participants, who would like to join our liberating program, at whatever time ~ remembering that in God Consciousness, there is no time; and knowing that early or late to the vineyard, all receive the same.

For those who are meeting in groups ~ individuals, who wish to join, yet do not have E-Mail, may sign-up under the group leader or a friend.

Let me hear from you the soonest ~ Re: The project ~ A 12 month Worldwide Internet ~ Global Divine Consciousness Millennium Prosperity Program.


And so now, let us all  proceed together in greater strength, joy, Love & Light ~ on our Holy determination to rise out of every form of bondage that doesnít belong to the eternally boundless and free sons and daughters of God. Let every day be blessed with miracles of advancement ~ more luminous and sublime for each and every one.

Aum ~ Peace! Aum ~  Bliss!  Only One!   

So let it be!


Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

Founding Minister/Spiritual Director

New Thought Institute of New York

New Thought International, Inc.

Author: Global Divine Prosperity & Global Divine Consciousness

Worldwide Internet Programs

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WHAT IT IS: The Unexpected Income Program is an Advanced Method for Accelerating Demonstrations of Prosperous Abundance in our Lives. Based on Ancient Formulas of Timeless Spiritual Significance and Employing Elevated, Conscious, and Active use of Divine Law and Principles of the Highest Order. This Program represents a Commitment of Consciousness and Action designed to Attune the Mind and Solidify the Spirit in the "Ways of Wealth".

HOW IT WORKS: A Conscious Commitment is made to Faithfully Tithe Ten (10) Per Cent of All Unexpected Income attained throughout the period that you are applying the program. During this time Monthly lessons and Treatments are provided by the Rev. Dr. Linda for daily use ~ Highlighting a particular aspect of the Consciousness of Wealth we are Incorporating. In addition a Daily Journal is provided for keeping an ongoing record of any and all demonstrations experienced. The Recognition of our Good is a vital factor in maintaining the Expansion of the Wealth we experience on this Plan.

THE PURPOSE: To Establish a perfect, clear, consistent and High-Sustaining Consciousness of True Wealth in every situation and all the time ~ so stabilized within that we are always Co-creating, Attracting and Being the Divine Energy of Abundance that we are. By bringing all of Consciousness into right order, right action and right alignment with Sublime Principle and Love, we establish an invincible current of self-sustaining Prosperity in our Lives.

THE DEFINITION: Unexpected Income includes the vast and varied means and ways God has of providing us with spontaneous blessings of supply, and is not restricted to money alone. "In My Father's House are Many Mansions." It is up to us to recognize this subtle force of the Divine Presence behind all Manifestations of Good, and in so doing our supply is increased and multiplied infinitely.

THE GIFTS: Balance and Increase ~ Perfected inflow and outflow of Resources ~ Spontaneous Fulfillment of most cherished desires ~ Freedom from fear and lack ~ Removal of burdens, problems and restrictions of every kind ~ Resolutions to long-standing issues and a sense of Right Stewardship and Right Relationship to the Riches of the Kingdom ~ Expansion of our inner sense of self-worth ~ enhancing Our Receiving Capacity. As we learn how to utilize the Divine Energies of Money in loving and open ways, we experience an accompanying Expansion of Heart, in turn reflected in the prolific expansion of resources in our lives.

THE 3-FOLD WAY: Each time we receive, we Seal our Wealth, by First ~ Tithing in Thanksgiving to our Spiritual Source [Acknowledgment Phase]. Secondly ~ We give a gift to ourselves [Absorption Phase]. In the Third Phase we regenerate our good by giving a spontaneous gift to someone else [Completion, Sharing and Reactivating Phase of the Energy of the Supply Cycle]. This Divine Pattern of Acknowledgment is to be completed even before the payment of any other bills, financial obligations or donations to charities.


To go to Complete Program Description, Sign up Forms, and your Lesson One daily cleansing Exercises and  consciousness raising Meditation  ~ Click White Diamond Below ~




The following suggestions offer a simple, yet profound structure for groups, couples and individuals who wish to gather together, in order to accelerate and empower one another in the attainment of Divine and transcendent Universal Prosperity Consciousness.  If you are desirous of establishing group meetings in your area 

(using the 12 lessons of the "Unexpected Income" Program), please advise Dr. Linda of your interest, and she will further advise how to proceed.


This sacred format finds its supreme transformational power in the Principle of the tremendous spiritual force that manifests: "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name {the Truth of All Good} ~ there I am."


1. For all groups ~ try to meet on a consistent basis at least once a week, twice a month,  or whenever you consistently can.  For couples, take time daily to be together in reverent consciousness ~ always remembering to put every concern aside and keep the consciousness of a holy and transformational time together ~ sacred in every manner.  For only with this elevated attitude can Divine Alchemy occur.

2. If you donít already have a leader, appoint one for each meeting, one of Highest Consciousness, amongst yourselves, who will be responsible for guiding the process in loving ways and keep it moving along in a flowing and efficient manner.

3. Open with a brief, spontaneous and centering meditation to gather spiritual force, breathing deeply in and out of Divine Consciousness ~ at least three times, and then claiming the Divine Presence of Highest Mind and Love is with you, causing each person to have right illumination and quantum leap demonstrations of the greatest good of the Truth of the omniscience, omnipresence omnipotence and omni substance of the I am ~ the One Eternal and True God Self that is. Because of right illumination, these demonstrations are manifesting without limit in each oneís life now.

4. The leader introduces the theme {s}, being dealt with and can open the floor at this point  to short discussions and reflections of what the theme means personally to each one. This will stir illumination and cause consciousness to focus in on Principle.

5. Read aloud together the particular Treatment {s} ~ taking time to deeply absorb and feel the spiritual energy of the Treatment {s} being focused on.

6. Retain the level of awareness, achieved. And immediately following the reading of the Treatment {s},  take some silent moments of reflection for participants to do the exercises and to write down spontaneous revelations.

7. Partner up, and share revelations. The listener simply listens in appreciation, with no commenting or advising.

8. Following the sharing, partners make firm commitments to each other of some new Higher action each is going to take to heal, and forever transcend mental or emotional tendencies that no longer serve, and to fortify the Divine Self. This action can be mental, physical or emotional, as your inspiration guides you. New choices should be in the direction of your liberty, empowering to your goal, serving the Higher Self and bringing forth the Christ Consciousness in all.

For example, if an individual has a tendency to attach excessively, then a firm commitment could be ~ that all week long and at the very moment, when and where the tendency appears, the person will choose to be still and know: "God is my Source" ~ releasing attachments with a blessing and affirming: "As I release, I prosper." Commitments are very powerful and cause mighty new demonstrations. And we must walk the talk. Here is where partners can assist one another to come up with powerful new commitments, {if there seems to be stuckness}, and so choose Divine options of the Higher Self {always one with God and eternal Truth} in any matter.

9. After sharing and establishing of new commitments, you might want to read aloud the Treatment once again {to seal consciousness in the Divine pattern}, and/or close with silent visioning, where partners fully envision the total success for each other, envisioning one another being the complete freedom, joy and success of their God Self ~ living their commitment and manifesting the Greater.

Aum!   Bliss!

"Behold the fields are ripe for harvest, and I harvest my good, now."


*If you have not signed up as yet for your commitment, please remember it is important to do so, as well as to keep faithful tithing practices.. For the Universe operates upon commitment, by the Law of Perfect Circulation and as a circle. Where your commitment {heart} is, there your Prosperity is, also.  To go back & review the in depth information on the "Unexpected Income" Program......... Click here:   CLICK MINISTRY OF PRAYER



The Law of Blessing what we have, instantly acts to create the more.  Thus, bless the person or persons that you have in your group ~ for the one shall swiftly become many, with right gratitude for his or her presence. This, along with envisioning your total success, according to the highest idea of happiness and the greatest beneficent outcome you can possibly conceive, keeps your manifestation on course to Divine and lustrous results ~ pleasing in every way.

There is never any need to solicit for Truth. Only know and affirm: God is drawing to you ~ all those who can benefit and prosper from your meetings. Simply maintain the idea of people coming forth, from near and far ~ so glad to join in your wonderful meetings that help so many.

Forms of easy advertising {letting people know} are E-Mailing the introductory letter, along with a simple personal announcement that the meetings are being held. Perhaps, mailing, posting or dropping off announcement flyers in right areas will help people to know of their opportunity, and they will take it from there, according to their guidance.

The following is a suggested announcement format for group leaders ~ easy to implement or expand upon, should you see fit.

Limitless Light & Love,
Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff



Dear Friend:

It is my pleasure to announce that on _________, I will be hosting _____informal gatherings for deep meditation and transformational exercises, based on the Global Divine Prosperity "12 Lesson" Millennium Program. This lustrous program for raising the consciousness of all humanity into Divine abundance awareness is currently being presented on the Worldwide Internet by noted spiritual leader, teacher and author ~ the Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff of New Thought Institute  of  New York and New Thought International, Inc. ~ An Association of Global Centers For World Peace & Enlightenment.

To receive your personal program, sign up directly  ~ indicating your area and group leader by E-mail to:


To register for gatherings, please contact __________________ {official sponsor for the ____________ Area} at E-MAIL______ or Tel. # ___________.

Donít miss this unprecedented opportunity to join in global synchronized prayer for the well being of yourself and for our world.



All are welcome!

Celebrating the Eternal Bounty that Graces Us All,

Official Sponsor & Representative
Global Divine Prosperity Millennium Program
New Thought International, Inc.


Dear Participant ~

Please feel free to advise Dr. Linda of your goals that you would most like to achieve, and Ishe will treat silently for their fruition. In Spirit, we are knowing everyone's success, through embodying the High Spiritual Principles of this Program.

The Monthly Treatment {Meditation} can be contemplated silently or out loud, as many times a day as you need ~ until you feel deeply centered. Time should be taken, at least once a day to read and deeply absorb the Spiritual content of the information provided. Consistency is the yeast that raises the dough, and each day more and more realizations and inspirations will come forward.

As for the opening suggested exercises, one should do them formally at the beginning of each lesson ~ taking the time to write down observations, at the beginning of each month's treatment theme and for right spiritual elevation and acceleration. Then throughout the month ~ refer to your lists daily. For more will be revealed, and you will see how much you are demonstrating.

There is no open discussion (per se), as we are firmly united within the hallowed realm of Divine Consciousness. All individual goals are held sacred and confidential, so as not to dissipate the power of this deep process. Strive to remain in the constant consciousness of whatever idea you are working on, all month long. For example, the First month's theme is Forgiveness, and that becomes your theme, goal and holy mantra for the entire month.

In Prosperity & Light,
Reverend Dr. Linda 





Dear  Participant in the Global Divine Prosperity  Project:


*Please note that as a special additional lesson program, Dr. Linda is now providing a monthly "Review" on the Highest healing technology of Spiritual Mind Treatment, including a review of the 5 stages, the alchemy that occurs at each phase, and the key elements that bring forth the most empowering demonstrations. Thus, those that sign up for the 12 month "Unexpected Income" Program will also receive this additional monthly lesson from Dr. Linda. 

*Dr. Linda is also always available for personal "Spiritual Mind Treatment" sessions ~ for those who wish to arrange for further in-depth counseling,. Simply e*mail Dr. Linda  at: REVDECOFF@AOL.COM




Individuals or groups of sincere devotion and desire, who wish to learn Higher Consciousness Principles, who are unable to contribute, now, for whatever reason, yet are willing to faithfully support, as each gains in strength and prosperity, and to faithfully keep the tithing commitment of the Global Prosperity Millennium Program, are more than welcome to sign up.  

Thank you for donating as much as you personally can. The more we receive ~ the more we can give to help raise our world to Highest levels of Divine Awareness.  

Thank you for spreading the word. We want as many persons as possible to benefit and prosper from this ultra Divine Consciousness Program for the raising of the consciousness of our world.  

Simply E-Mail your name, seed money and/or  commitment to begin right away...And, we will immediately include your name on our list, so you can begin receiving the monthly lessons from Dr. Linda.  Please also include the major goal you would like to demonstrate.




If you wish to make your Start-Up donation now, simply click below:




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You will automatically be provided with a receipt of your transaction for your records.  





Or, if preferred ~ Please feel free to E*Mail Dr. Linda at with any questions you may have:  



REVEREND Dr. Linda De Coff

Fort Lauderdale, FL.  33319



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