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The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff


{An Association of Global Centers for World Peace & Enlightenment}


"Dedicated to the Spiritual Advancement and Enlightenment of Every Individual Seeking The Truth..."



{Lesson 4}

Dear Participant,

This Month's theme is


"God Is My Source!



In order to keep ourselves open to the constant flow of ever-new supply, ever moving in our lives in spontaneous, wonderful and unexpected ways, it is important to always maintain a consciousness of highest freedom, appreciation and love, fully enjoying the blessings of current sources, and being willing to let go with ease and gratitude those sources we have been accustomed to, when they have fulfilled their purpose in our lives and are ready to go. In this way we establish a clear and open path ~ that God, the Infinite wise chooser of all appropriate channels, may send in the new, and that the natural energy of Free-Moving Supply may continue to flow, circulate and enrich our lives without obstruction.

To empower your treatment this week, please make your Accompanying Lists of all sources you are aware of having any anxiety or tension of too strong attachment around. Declare that you are now releasing all channels of past and present to their greatest good {and at the same time} and making room for your new optimum increase, now. Remember it is of ultimate importance to maintain your attitude of freedom, love and trust in the Divine, so that you never become bound to any one source and that you never develop any false fears, around your supply that could only cause restriction, delay and limitation. So many unwanted conditions are created by false ideas of need for attachment and belie the Loving Presence of the freely moving and freely given Eternal Supply of God! Remember, in letting go, you never lose the good that is right for you, now.


"Right Now, I heal all fears surrounding supply in the perfect awareness.


God is My Supply

The Eternal Ceaseless Supplier

Of All my Good

In Most Perfect Ways.


Blessings of Love, Light & Prosperity,

Reverend Linda


NOTE: Each month you will receive an accompanying program for Spiritual Mind Practices...to strengthen and substantiate your Treatment.







Right now, I realize that there has always and ever been only One Source to all the good that has ever or shall ever grace my life ~ One Source to the good of the past, good now and good to come!

And that Is God ~ the absolute, prolific and sustaining energy of all of life.

I recognize that behind every manifestation of good is the Atomic Energy of God-In-Action ~ sustaining Me in all my ways. I Am rich in God ~ never lacking of any good thing. And I Am never deluded into thinking that any person, place or thing has ever been the Actual Source of my good. Though I praise all in my world and practice an attitude of gratitude without flinching, even to the least and the greatest alike, I now see I Am never dependent on any particular one; so I let abundant sources flow in and out of my world at the right and perfect Divinely appointed times ~ always with the ease and confidence of knowing ~ God Is My Source!

I recognize it is the one and only intention of the Infinite and the Universal to supply Me eternally, richly and completely ~ to hold Me ever in Itís abundant graces, that I may continuously regenerate my force, and forever go forth to energize and carry on the great sustaining action in and throughout all. I Am the inheritor. The energy of Divine Abundance passes through my being!

My recognition frees me now from any idea that God's nurturing and replenishing action ever stops at the passing of a particular source. Yet, I see, that as sources complete, God-Mind immediately flows over all the substance that is ~ over all, in all and through all ~ to select anew the right and perfect ways, means and new channels of my good ~ appropriate to Me, now.

I Let God govern the channels, as I govern my true heart of faith, right knowing and right recognition.

Thank You God ~ Thou art so great for Me! Even now, Thou dost fully in-fill Me with the energy of Thy dynamic sustaining force. Even now I see all the moneys around Me increase with Thy magnitude and supreme power. I see and experience lavish outpourings of Thy prolific abundance manifest ~ right here in my life, right now ~ right before my very eyes!

Thank You for the magnificent gifts of increase Thou dost bestow upon me now. As I have loosened all connections with a sense of completeness and gratitude. Instantly, my right and perfect new mega sources appear. And I continue to increase splendidly in affluence and abundance of ready moneys, miracles and all good things now!








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