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*It is our great pleasure to announce that New Thought International Library is now presenting a complete Divine and Inspirational Talk Series of Dr. Linda's timeless collection of works on "Attaining Divine Consciousness"  For those who truly desire further in-depth information on Higher Consciousness Themes,  you will be able to tune in to weekly postings of talks on every subject imaginable throughout 2017. Monthly programs will include extensive talks on the Higher Consciousness Theme being considered, along with accompanying SONGS OF ETERNITY meditation excerpts, for incorporating deep within.  In these wonderful talk series, you will always find very easy, profound and practical tools for raising your consciousness to the level desired, always illuminating "how to tune in" to the completeness of the Divine-in-you!

Details of your  January ~ December 2017 Divine Consciousness Program Highlights are posted monthly at




Each month highlights a particular theme.  For example, January postings concentrated on the very first steps necessary for "Evolving Upwards In Mind" and discovering the true Divine Essence of who you really are. These talks will help you to set a new and radiant base line of connection within, from which you may now manifest your every good and enjoy the limitless bounty always available to you. February will follow with an exciting program on the "Divine Creative Laws" and how to most successfully manifest your good.

Each talk includes a soaring meditation excerpt for your daily use and for maintaining consciousness at the Highest Level, as you continue to unfold the lustrous Truth of your limitless, Divine nature ~ transcendent of all past influence, ever one with the Most High.  To develop strong focus on the attainment of any goal, Dr. Linda suggests that you write out in detail the optimum good you are Giving Thanks for, even before you have received....always speaking in the present tense and as if you have the thing desired right now.  This is a very important step for actualizing your most cherished goals and for achieving quantum leaps never before experienced.  Gratitude - in - Advance is the yeast that raises the dough, and there is nothing God-in-you cannot achieve.

For example:  If you are wanting wonderful new work, begin to Daily Give Thanks that you have a wonderful new position with wonderful pay, and describe the conditions that will surround, thinking in terms of the most optimum conditions of wholeness, peace and fulfillment that you can conceive of, not wondering how.  This will form a prototype of Divine wholeness in you, magnetic to optimum conditions of good;  "Thank you, God ~ I now have........(Fill in the Blanks)"  for our word is Law and acts to magnetize to us what we are focused on.

Thus, whenever you do listen to a new talk, always write out your "Gratitude-In-Advance", after listening.  And, as you then daily reference your most constructive goal, and then say the heartfelt words of your meditation, consciousness will evolve and evolve to be at the place where you need to be for your manifestation to come forth. Let your journey of raising consciousness be a delightful process ever upward, embracing the Kingdom of Bliss that has always been yours, more fruitful than ever known. There is no limit to how much you can achieve.     

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FOR A GLORIOUS 2017, Manifesting All the Quantum Leaps  You Want To Make Unto Endless Horizons of Good!!  MAY THE GLORY OF GOD ALWAYS BE WITH YOU!







Dear Beloved Friend of the World Spiritual Family:



By popular demand ~ New Thought International, Inc. and New Thought Institute of New York are continuing to offer the lustrous 12 month Global  Prosperity  Program ~ spanning this Golden Millennium Year.  


Throughout this Holy time we continue to raise ourselves infinitely and ground limitless Divine Abundance Patterns deep within our Universal Soul ~ knowing as we faithfully apply Highest Principles of the Divine Self ~ success of every kind is answered.  


In addition, as a compliment to monthly in-depth Prosperity lessons ~ complete Master Talks from the Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff's stunning Global Divine Consciousness  Series are now being made available each week over the Worldwide Web, along with special "Songs Of Eternity" excerpts ~ for the greater enlightenment and enhancement of all our members, friends, students and affiliate Centers around the world.  


It is also our greatest pleasure to announce that the written portions of your lustrous Divine Consciousness program are now available in both English and Spanish.  

To receive all the good of your Global Divine Consciousness and Global Prosperity  Programs for this stellar Millennium Year ~  simply e-mail the information listed below, and we will immediately supply you with all Program information and links to current program offerings.  Please designate your preference to receive in English or Spanish or both.


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All in all ~ your ultra Advanced Divine Consciousness Program for rising into the glorious realms of Limitless Divine Mastery includes Links to monthly Master Lesson Talks by noted World Spiritual leader, speaker and master teacher ~ the Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff ~ ongoing excerpts, meditations and instructional exercises from Dr. Linda's glowing and Divinely consummate book on the Principles of the Immortal Soul of God ~ "Songs Of Eternity" ~ monthly previews from "Bridge Of The Gods" and other Global Divine Consciousness original Master books and publications by the Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff, along with periodic special live seminar broadcasts from around the world on Major Universal Divine Consciousness themes:


"Divine Romance"

{The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love}

"Living The Miracle Consciousness"

"Immortality ~ Now and Forever"

"Divine Prosperity" (Secrets of the Kingdom)

"Bridge Of The Gods, Volumes I & II"

"Mysticism and Ultimate Divine Healing Processes ~ The Perfect Principles and Patterns of God!"  (Perfect Healing through pure God-Thought alone). 

The Daily Spiritual Practices of your ultra Divine Consciousness Millennium Program provide a golden path to ultimate emancipation centering in the weekly studies and tithing practices of the 12 month Global unexpected Income Program ~ including 12 months worth of deeply transformational Prosperity meditations and  exercises ~ acquainting with the boundless domain, where Heaven {God's Mind} is manifest on earth {daily experience}.

This exquisite, pioneer and evolutionary program is being offered worldwide on a contribution {seed money}, tithing and donation basis in order to make the liberating information available to as many members of our beloved world spiritual family as possible.  

Please visit Global Divine Prosperity ~ Unexpected Income for further details, key ideas of each month's lesson, and convenient sign up sheet.  



Individuals or groups of sincere devotion and desire, who wish to learn Higher Consciousness Principles, who are unable to contribute, now, for whatever reason, yet are willing to faithfully support, as each gains in strength and prosperity, and to faithfully keep the tithing commitment of the Global Prosperity  Program, are more than welcome to sign up.  

Thank you for donating as much as you personally can. The more we receive ~ the more we can give to help raise our world to Highest levels of Divine Awareness.  

Thank you for spreading the word. We want as many persons as possible to benefit and prosper from this ultra Divine Consciousness Program for the raising of the consciousness of our world.  


Simply  E-Mail your name, seed money and/or  tithing commitment to begin right away.   Complete instructions  and helpful suggestions for maximum individual and group use of the Global Divine Prosperity "Unexpected Income Program" may be found in the Unexpected Income Program "Instructions" Section of our program. Simply click below. 


Unexpected Income Program     iNSTRUCTIONS



Your special meditation/talk on "Living the Miracle Consciousness" ~ shall remain posted  ~ highlighting the ease of demonstrating from Highest Realms of Divine Awareness!


 LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS~Ascending the Elevator of Light!"    {English} 




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To order your own personal copy of DIVINE PROSPERITY ~ The Unexpected Income Program ~ Twelve Steps To your Perfect Consciousness of Infinite and Eternal Supply! (including extensive and very helpful introductions on each phase of ascending consciousness, and why each is so necessary to your ultimate good of experiencing Divine Abundance all the time) ~  visit  


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